What does ET smell like?


What is Tom Hanks' best role?


Using only emojis, describe your last saturday night.


Uncle Sam wants you to share the most patriotic clip on the Internet?

We’re asking you to share your responses with your friends.
We’re asking your friends to share their responses with you too.
Welcome to GangHang, you social rascal.


Easy! Send an email to "” (that’s “.co” and NOT “.com”, because we’re poor) and carbon copy (cc) the people you want to include in your Gang. Done son!


You! And your Gang. Which is probably a group of your friends. Maybe your family. Maybe your coworkers. Maybe your hockey team. But it’s definitely best if it’s a group you’re comfortable being yourself with; you’ll see what we mean later, you’ll see right through a pair of Indian goggles.


Simple! Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday you and your Gang will receive a prompt. Be it a question, contest, challenge, or anything at all, the one constant is that it will ask for your participation. It is a standard email thread so the conversation can go for as long as your Gang wishes. A new email thread with a new prompt will be generated 24 hours later.


Oy! You get to take a break and hang with your Gang (it’s all there in the name)! Generate micro-content for you and your Gang, by you and your Gang. GangHang makes it easy to stay in touch and feed your social nature, on your own schedule.

Don't Worry!

GangHang does NOT see any of your Gang’s responses so everything you do is private to your Gang, as long as nobody from the Gang shares it elsewhere #ReginaGeorge.

These prompts won’t ask for anything that requires any major time commitment and you can respond to the Gang at your own pace.

Responding is not mandatory, so no pressure, you little wiener.